How to get involved

Contributors needed

We believe that attempts to address sexual violence in any community should be guided by core principles of respectful and meaningful collaboration.

We are very conscious that our core editors are all white Australian GPs, and that our perspectives could potentially dominate the conversation. This is why we are asking for researchers from all areas of the globe and from different disciplines to talk about their own communities, to balance our perspectives and provide as representative a book as possible.

In the interest of generating a diverse and balanced platform for these perspectives, we welcome contact from researchers who we do not already have within our network. While we are no longer seeking contributions for the book, this project is part of a broader international dialogue, and we want to continue its momentum. We are currently in the process of extending this project in the form of an observatory, to ensure that publication of the book does not close the door on other stories being told, and heard.

If you want to support or participate in our future project, please reach out to us using the form below.

How you can help

Are you a researcher or advocate who wants to contribute to the dialogue? Are you representing a foundation who wants to partner with our project? Or are you simply passionate about the project and hoping to help out however you can?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below