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Good qualitative research is time intensive and expensive. It is also difficult to compete for grant funding against large clinical trials or epidemiological studies. Nevertheless, we believe these qualitative studies are critical if we are to understand sexual abuse in the medical profession in any depth. And we need depth if we are to use the outcomes in practice.

Because these studies are so difficult to fund, we are seeking support from individuals and organisations who believe in the importance of the research. There are two ways to donate to the project. The first is through the Pozible site below, where you can donate online with a credit card. The other is through the purchase of merchandise. We hope you are able to support us: the team are committed to keeping the community up to date on the research, and we’ll show you where we are up to with funding on the progress bar below.

Teal ribbon wrapping Aesclepius' staffA word on the logo

In Greek mythology, the Rod or staff of Asclepius is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. In our logo, we have replaced the serpent with a teal ribbon. Teal is the colour used to show support for the victims of sexual abuse, which is why we have chosen to feature it on this website and in our merchandise.

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