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Good qualitative research is time intensive and expensive. It is also difficult to compete for grant funding against large clinical trials or epidemiological studies. Nevertheless, we believe these qualitative studies are critical if we are to understand sexual abuse in the medical profession in any depth. And we need depth if we are to use the outcomes in practice.

Because these studies are so difficult to fund, we are seeking support from individuals and organisations who believe in the importance of the research. I do not have a paid academic position, so most of the research has been self funded to date. So far there have been three sources of funding

  1. The RACGP Foundation funded a small travel grant ($2500) in 2015 which enabled me to visit the UK and discuss the way the NHS is dealing with this difficult issue
  2. The Gender Institute at ANU funded me with $5000 to enable me to travel to present the work at AMEE (the international medical educational conference) in 2017 in Finland and also to pay for open access publication
  3. Crowdfunding raised $2000 to reimburse me for travel expenses, so I was able to conduct interviews with interstate participants

I have an opportunity to present this work and hopefully raise international awareness of the issue at three conferences in the next 18 months.

  1. The World WONCA conference (the international conference for family doctors) is in Seoul in October 2018 and my paper has been accepted. It is our chance to begin to champion the role of family doctors in providing support for victims of abuse.
  2. The North American Primary Care Research Group conference in Chicago in November is our chance to extend the study, and perhaps do an international study in this difficult area
  3. The Medical Women’s International Association which is our chance to join with advocates to become “ambassadors for change”.

If you would like to contribute to us spreading the word about this study, we would appreciate your support. The team are committed to keeping the community up to date on the research, and we’ll show you where we are up to with funding on the progress bar below.

Teal ribbon wrapping Aesclepius' staffA word on the logo

In Greek mythology, the Rod or staff of Asclepius is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. In our logo, we have replaced the serpent with a teal ribbon. Teal is the colourĀ used to show support for the victims of sexual abuse, which is why we have chosen to feature it on this website and in our merchandise.

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