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Louise Stone

Louise Stone

Associate Professor Louise Stone (MBBS BA GDFFamMed DipRACOG MPH MQHR MSHCT PhD FRACGP FACRRM FASPM) is a GP, medical educator and qualitative health researcher with clinical, teaching, research, and policy expertise in mental health. Louise is currently practising in Canberra, and is an Associate Professor in the Social Foundations of Medicine Unit at the Australian National University Medical School.

Louise’s research interest in sexual abuse in the medical profession commenced in clinical practice: she began caring for two doctors who had been sexually assaulted by other doctors in the workplace. In trying to understand how best to care for these traumatised women, she searched for relevant literature, and found little available. Discussions with senior colleagues, however, suggested that this sort of trauma was not uncommon.

This research was developed to address the clinical, organisational and ethical need for a nuanced understanding of sexual harms, as it occurs between doctors in the medical workplace. Louise believes that both qualitative and quantitative approaches are necessary to understand the complexities of this phenomenon. With this research, she hopes to develop the layered understanding we need to help heal our colleagues and our profession as a whole.

Relevant publications:

Stone L, Phillips C, Douglas K 2020 With the best will in the world: How benevolent sexism shapes medical careers. Medical Education 54 (2): 94-97. DOI: 10.1111/medu.14038

Stone L, Phillips C, Douglas K 2019 Sexual assault and harassment of doctors, by doctors: a qualitative study. Medical Education 53(8): 833-843. DOI: 10.1111/medu.13912.

Braid H, Money T, Dalpadado R, Bolsin S, Stone L, Phillips C, Faunce TA 2019 Sexual harassment of junior doctors: Helping whistle blowers who reveal a significant mental health issue. Journal of Ethics in Mental Health 10 (2): 1-13.

Stone L, Douglas K, Mitchell I and Raphael B 2015 Sexual abuse of doctors, by doctors: professionalism, complexity and the potential for healing. Medical Journal of Australia  203 (4): 170-171. DOI: 10.5694/mja15.00378

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Kirsty Douglas

Kirsty Douglas

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Christine Phillips

Liz Waldron

Elizabeth Waldron is an editor of Sexual harms of doctors by doctors: International experiences, perspectives, and responses. They are currently a peer worker and psychology student in Adelaide, South Australia, and have a particular interest in neurodivergence and disability, mental healthcare, and structures of marginalisation.

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