A research program for doctors

Thank you to the six courageous women who have offered their stories to this research project so far. I am grateful for your insight and tenacity in the face of this trauma.

The research team will continue to work as effectively as we can to do justice to these stories and make a difference to the profession. Thank you. 

We are hoping to extend this research in 2019 to better understand the experiences of women doctors across Australia.

If you are a researcher, and interested in being involved in a large qualitative study looking at adverse experiences of women doctors in training, you can find out more about the study [here].

If you are a woman doctor and experienced bullying, harassment or abuse as a medical student, junior doctor or registrar, and would like the opportunity to participate in this study in 2019, you can register your interest [here].

59% of medical trainees experience harassment or discrimination during training. 33% of medical trainees experience sexual harassment during training. Little is known about the experience of qualified doctors. The prevalence of this trauma is unknown, but senior GPs are caring for the victims of sexual assault of doctors by doctors. @ofdrsbydrs

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