Sexual Harassment, Coercion, & Assault in the Neuroscience (or any science) Workplace

This week we had the good fortune to join Dr. Vicki Magley and Prof. Anna Kirkland on an online panel discussion regarding workplace sexual harms of trainees and professionals in science and medicine, run by Assistant Professor Dawn Taylor for Women in Neural Engineering (WINE). The session began with a presentation by Dr Magley providing a brief overview of the iceberg model of sexual harassment and the incidence in STEM academic faculty and students, concluding with correlations between different types of sexual harassment, and between sexual harassment and negative outcomes.

The panel explored a number of questions over the course of the hour, including:

  1. Why is the incidence of workplace sexual harassment in academic medicine is so much higher than other fields?
  2. How can institutions improve reporting behaviours?
  3. Do we think institutions are equipped to investigate and manage sexual harassment?
  4. What do we know about the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people in STEM regarding sexual harassment?
  5. Acknowledging that men also experience sexual harassment, what can be done by men who are bystanders, who want to be good allies?

It was such a privilege to be part of this panel, and to try to wrap our heads around the problem – and its solutions – together. The full recording of the forum can be watched here, and WINE can be found on Twitter here.