AAAPC 2020 poster presentation

We were so excited to present a poster at AAAPC 2020 this year! Moving to an online poster walk presented its problems, but the AAAPC team rose to the challenge admirably, providing an ample and orderly space for each poster to be presented and discussed. Unfortunately, the session wasn’t recorded, so we were unable to capture the presentation or the discussions we had in the breakout rooms, but I can provide some insight into our poster.

At this point, we were still primarily in the recruitment stage of the project, and the poster does not give much information beyond the information available on our site here. Presenting the poster gave us an opportunity to further build the community of practice around this issue (and hopefully reach contributors from under-represented regions!), and to pursue consciousness-raising around the issue. Responses to our project are still divided between doctors who have personally encountered sexual harms in the profession (anecdotally or otherwise), and doctors who have rarely or never encountered them (some of whom have extensive experience working toward addressing sexual harms). The dearth of literature on doctors who have been sexually harmed by other doctors has also been problematic for decision-makers attempting to address the issue. We hope, by spreading awareness that research on this issue is global and ongoing, to facilitate the expansion of the body of research and the growth of our burgeoning community of practice.